Sunday, September 23, 2007

Security Software reviews

I run a list on Yahoo, and occasionally I will get a question on the very subject of all of these websites online that recommend Security software or not.  They ask time, and again on how do you know if their review on the software is a good one?
There are no clear cut rules on whom can place these reviews online.  You only need a computer, and a small bit of love or hate for the software.
OH Wait!
Um this means anyone can place their reviews for a product online.  Including the ones selling the product, or advertising it.  Even a rival! So regardless if you have a motive or not, you can pretty much say what you want about the product because in doing so may get you nice rewards, like a check every month. 
So check out the website first before taking their word for it.  See if they are offering the product, or advertising the product.  They may advertise on that page, or they may advertise on a page  not even related to the software.  Be sure they have their customers in good mind, and not their wallets.   
You need to watch other websites too that are only online to bash products.  These website tend to all have one thing in common, and that is, none of their reviews are good ones.  They may bash in order to get you to purchase a rival product.  Or they may just have a hatred for the product.
A well rounded review website shows no biased reports.  They don't limit their reviews in any way.  So say you did post a bad review, no one working on the website would remove your review just because it was a bad review.  The same goes, if you had of given it a good review.  Some don't want good reviews, they just want as much dirt as they can find on the software, they could care less if you like the product.  However you could get your post removed regardless if the review is good or not simply because of the language you used.
The same goes for a website that has a team of people that do nothing but review software.  They will have good reviews, and bad reviews. 
But, the BBB will tell me if the product is a good one or not?
The BBB will only give you reports for the business.  The larger the company, the less chance of you even finding a report on the company.  The smaller the company the better chance they are not even listed on the BBB.  The BBB does not have advice on the product itself.  Yes they may (or might) have info on the transactions for the product.  So it is still a good idea to visit them, and see if they have a listing for that website.
Your security software is one of the most precious of softwares you have on your computer.  Be sure you check around at several places first.  It is also best to do a trial run of the software, before purchasing it.  Not all of your security software will run flawlessly on your computer. 
Last but not least...  If someone is advertising this type software as if you have spyware, adware, virus, or worm on your computer, then just use the esc key to leave that website (located in the upper left hand corner of your keyboard)  and use your own search methods to find out if you do have a problem with your computer.  Don't let these websites use scare tactics to get you to download their software. Most have bad motives for using these scare tactics1 to get you to download their software.  The biggest motive is spyware, and viruses. The second biggest motive is to get you to purchase so they can make money off of you.  You never want to be scared into buying a product.  Never!
1 You need to use the esc key because some of these websites have their windows set up in a way that it doesn't matter what option you click the download still happens. Thus, you end up with the download regardless of what you click.

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