Sunday, March 18, 2007

EBay was Hacked!

" So, did eBay have a responsibility to contact their users whose personal financial information had been exposed to the world on their site? Under California law it would seem that not only does eBay have a responsibility, but failure to do so is against the law. It would seem that the threat of exposure of recent hackings and misfeasance on eBay inc.'s part is of more concern to the company executives than the obvious malfeasance they have just taken part in by failing to contact the account-holders whose personal information was recently compromised on"

"As early as last summer, we heard users equating eBay to Enron - lately we're seeing this on a daily basis from many sources. So is eBay heading down the same path? Insiders say yes. If current trends continue however, there may be even less warning of the impending collapse than the employees and shareholders at Enron had. Any company that is entrenched in scandal can absolve itself immediately by admitting to malfeasance, outlining a plan for rectification and show proof that the company is dedicated to following through. eBay has done none of this. Another tactic that is commonly used in conjunction with the said method of absolution is to name a scapegoat. Let the sins of the company crush the scapegoat, diverting attention away from the real culprits and away from the real intentions of the company. Using a scapegoat is basically a way to deal with an issue with less chance of reprisal from the community of employees and users and Wall Street."

For those that do not know, eBay has been under attack by a Hacker in Romania. Some are calling the person Robin Hood. But eBay is busy biting their bottom lip, and ignoring their customers. So if you plan to visit eBay, you better think twice before leaving any personal information. If eBay falls there is no telling who's hands your personal information will be left too. You can read a very lengthy page on eBay's tactics, and antics here: also included on this page are nice pics so you can see what you have been missing on eBay.

On a personal note about 15 or so people had all of their personal info posted online for the whole world to see. This included addresses, phone numbers, and bank information! These people were not contacted by eBay. A person called a few of the contacts, and found out the info was real. Then a
anonymous person called one contact to inform them to change their password, but not telling the contact why. So it is important that if you have a eBay account, to put a fraud alert on your credit accounts. Just in case it was your account that was compromised. Because there was enough info posted on that website that contained enough info on a person to do major damage.

It does not look like eBay has any intentions to contact any of the eBay account holders. I am just wondering if a lawsuit will be filed or if any charges will be filed against eBay for this?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Delta agreed to reimburse Charles for the full cost of his original flight after a employee stole his camera

When you travel you expect that the person handling your luggage is not pulling out valuables in your bags, and selling them on ebay. Delta needs to change their policy they are making it too easy for their employees to get away with theft. I guess the theif didn't count on someone tracking them down. We need more consumers like Mr. Charles M. Unfortunately Delta Airlines didn't handle this customer very well in the first place. They get a C- but only because they did the right thing AFTER the radio station got involved. So to me they were cleaning up their PR. If Charles hadn't of raised such a stink, I don't think Delta would of done a thing.

So how many of you consumers have gotten stung by a Airline? Post your flight horror stories in the comment section please.

Man Tracks Down And Gets Prosecuted Baggage Handler Who Stole His Camera, Delta Still Won't Refund update

"Microsoft is not a security company" said Edelmann their Security Manager

"According to the security manager, security is only a small part of what Microsoft does, suggesting it does not have as much security expertise as established security vendors.

"Microsoft is not a security company. Security is important, but it's just a little part of Microsoft," said Edelmann."

This is not funny because it is all quoted from their so called Security manager, which should be a expert.

It is also not excusable. Given today's world many users have no clue themselves when it comes to security. If you are going to produce security products then you better have a team that knows what they are doing. If you have no clue, then pull it, and let the big boys that do have a clue have a go at it. Microsoft has clearly not shown a professional attitude towards computer security. Shame on them. The one company that should care, doesn't. Instead of naming their security product OneCare, they should of named it NoCare. It's appalling to know that Microsoft was just trying to look good, and they never planed to really release a good working OneCare product. They can't convince me otherwise. The real bad thing is they have
access to all of Windows code, and they still didn't get OneCare done right. They had the opportunity to shine above the rest, and they blew it.

The biggest difference between a car breaking down, or a Boeing plane tore up, is if the brakes on the car have a fault in them, they have a recall for that model car, with those same brakes if they find they need too. If the planes have major efects in the wings, etc, they are grounded till it is fixed. Plus they can even recall the whole line if they have too to be sure it was just one plane. No one likes doing this. But they DO IT anyway! No one will recall Vista, and the removal of OneCare is a B****. I know it is because I have that crapware on my computer. The biggest thing that bothers me is the fact of the many people will think they have a nice safe computer, and as always, the major News networks will bury, or kill the article on Microsoft's blundered OneCare crapware, and the public will go on thinking they have a safe computer.

I realize it is impracticable to recall computers. But if you visit your neighborhood computer store, I bet you that many will have the OneCare running on their brand new boxes. Plus the Reps will be shoving all the good words they can come up with down your throat. When you ask them how good it is, be sure to inform them that not even Microsoft's Security Experts recommend Window's Live OneCare.

Microsoft: OneCare should not have been rolled out

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