Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Health care- what's wrong with reporting your anti social co-workers?

Over some twenty years listening to people I know have told me some horror stories about health care issues, Insurance,  physicians, billing issues, or staff issues, that include nurses, aides, or assistants, etc.  Some of it was deplorable.  A few made me even wonder why they were still practicing medicine, or even had a license to practice medicine. 
Today we have a even bigger problem, that is not really discussed by anyone.  Not the Health care system, their doctors, or even most of the patients discuss it in public.  It is when a established health care system has a problem with a co-worker.  Maybe they are inept, non caring, cold or heartless.  They could be anti social, or even mean to the bone.  But one thing rings true, nothing is ever done about it. 
Ask yourself if you have even seen these type of people in the public eye, and your answer will be "no".  Never have you seen in your daily newspaper or news media the transgressions that they bring to their patients.  There is no accountability.  No where for the patient to turn to for help.  Many of these transgressions are hard to file a law suit against because many times there is no proof, or just vaguely proof. It is their word against the doctor or health professional. 
The health care industry is the only industry that is not in the public eye.  It should be.  They take a good mount of peoples wages, and insurance. You can't grade them, you don't have a means to report them.  If you believe that you do have the means, then I am sorry to have to tell you that you are wrong.  Let a doctor miss treat you in his office by either degrading you, or worse, and see if you can report him/her to the Medical Board.  Tell someone you suspect a health care person of wrong doing, and see how far you get trying to report them.  A patient should have the right to be able to file a paper on the wrong doings of a health care institute without worry of retaliation against them. 
Patents should have the right to report a doctor,  health care facilities, or health professional to the Medical Board (Or similar) when his/her character is very inept to the patent.  They should NOT have a door slammed in their face.  Most of what I am saying here is about wrong doings that are not related to malpractice.  Instead they are related to staff that mainly have no heart, or just plain don't care how they treat, etc their patents in office, out patient treatment centers,  or hospitals.  They just plain suck, and insurance companies insist their patents go to their offices.  Even if you explain the circumstances to the insurance company they still insist you see those health care facilities.
 If you have not had the pleasure of being treated by, or know someone that was treated like crap... then good for you.  But chances are eventually one day you will be, or you will know someone that has.   I am hearing more cases like these now.  The sad thing is some of these cases I have heard were deplorable, but when the patents went over the heads of the staff they hit dead end walls.  In every case they were told they could not, or did not have a means to report them.   What the hell is wrong with reporting them?  Why can't you have a say so in your medical care on whom can treat you?  Why can't you inform the public of a bad facility? You are paying out the butt for medical treatment, shouldn't you have the right to say no?  Why don't we have a system in place to report them?

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