Saturday, March 17, 2007

Delta agreed to reimburse Charles for the full cost of his original flight after a employee stole his camera

When you travel you expect that the person handling your luggage is not pulling out valuables in your bags, and selling them on ebay. Delta needs to change their policy they are making it too easy for their employees to get away with theft. I guess the theif didn't count on someone tracking them down. We need more consumers like Mr. Charles M. Unfortunately Delta Airlines didn't handle this customer very well in the first place. They get a C- but only because they did the right thing AFTER the radio station got involved. So to me they were cleaning up their PR. If Charles hadn't of raised such a stink, I don't think Delta would of done a thing.

So how many of you consumers have gotten stung by a Airline? Post your flight horror stories in the comment section please.

Man Tracks Down And Gets Prosecuted Baggage Handler Who Stole His Camera, Delta Still Won't Refund update

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