Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogging so the consumer is well informed

Consumer Advocacy Sucks online. No one is protecting the consumer when it comes to the purchase of software, or hardware. Yes there are a few that do care about their customers. But a few are in the business for the money only. They show this in their EULAS, and in their copyrights, and policy's, and buyer purchases rules that you must agree too regardless if it is buried deep, or hard to find. Some of these agreements read like a book. A few are so complicated that it would take someone with a Masters Degree to sort it out. Thus my Blog was born. This comes with limitations. The news must be from a well respected website, or individual. I promise not to be biased, and give both sides of the story if there is one. Do you promise to read the most recent EULA that you have received?

EULA = End-User License Agreement

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